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As you pursue your nursing course, you will most probably come across a case study analysis assignment. Since nursing case studies are very common in nursing school, nursing students will want to look for cheap nursing case study writing help. That is where we come in to help you in writing a perfect, well-structured case study.

What is a nursing case study?

Nursing case study is a comprehensive paper prepared in nursing school.  It is written as a special report that focuses on a specific case. It may be challenging to produce a focused, well-structured and clearly written case study. We come in to help you write a well- designed case study to help you achieve success with your case study assignment. We provide you with an exceptionally written nursing case study, well researched and fully prepared by a qualified academic in nursing or any other healthcare related profession.

How to structure a  nursing case study

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When writing a case study, it is advisable to use a format that is well recognized. That way you will be able to arrange your ideas to interconnect and flow in an orderly manner. When starting off make sure your paper has

A tittle page.

A title page include a catchy topic of your nursing case study. Include your name or student number, the name of your school, the course you are taking and the submission date.


Executive summary/introduction.

In this section, a student will include an overview of the case study analysis and finding and include a thesis statement.  Present the patient by mentioning the patient’s current medications, medical history, and diagnosis, potential interventions and other recommendations.

Case study presentation.

In this section adapt a narrative style of writing where you present the raw data as given by the patient. Remember, here you are presenting on why the patient has come to you. State the medical history of the client and most probably underlying conditions depending on the patients’ symptoms and then state your clinical examination process.

Outcome and management.

In this section the student will write about the plan of care for the patient. The student will include short and long term goals using SMART tool. Identify the specific treatment process and medication dosage you plan to include in your care plan. Mention whether your patient is improving or deteriorating and you can change your care plan. Be keen to only use a method that is valid to measure your patient improvement.

Discussion and recommendations

Having successfully written your comprehensive nursing case study, discuss the expected outcomes and make any relevant recommendations. The solutions should be realistic and be able to improve the situation of the patient. Include any relevant and tested evidence which has succeeded.


Just as you started off with an introduction, you need a conclusion as well. Write your case study conclusion by first reviewing on the case study: the patient presentation assessment, rationale and evaluation


A reference list should be written in a separate page. Include all the citations in your body to make your case study legitimate. You will reference according to your tutor’s instruction. Some of the most common referencing styles are APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, among others.

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Types of nursing case study

There are different types of nursing case study. The writing format is the same the difference is assessment, diagnosis, and evaluation processes.

Hypertension nursing case study

Acute kidney injury nursing case study

Respiratory nursing case study

Cardiogenic shock nursing case study

Diabetes nursing case study

Osteoporosis nursing case study

COPD nursing case study

Hypoxic injury case study

Ethical nursing case study

Chronic diseases nursing case study.

Breast cancer nursing case study

And many more

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